Your Imagination + Our Software = Your Success

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” ~ Stephen King

You've toyed with the idea of being a writer for years.  Ideas for stories flit through your mind.  You start stories and then fizzle.  NO MORE!

Fiction shots is here to bring structure to your imagination.

We know you have something to give the world.  Let us help you tell your stories.  The world needs to hear from YOU.

How We Help You Create

1. Writer's Stream

The Stream is where you write.  Set the amount of time you plan to write each day.  Set the number of words you hope to get "on paper".  We help you stay motivated and realistic about your goals. 

2. Story Outline

Track your story outline.  Move scenes with click and drag.  The outline is where you get mentally organized.

3. Idea Vault

When an idea hits you, don't let it float away.  Capture it now, on impact, and store it here in the Idea Vault for future use.

4. Lots More... offers many other features that help you develop the themes of the story, craft the mood of the overall work, and maintain a table of contents.

5. You Own Anything You Write Here

Anything you create on is 100% your property.  Your data is yours.  We simply provide you the tools to make writing easier.

Your Imagination + Our Software = Your Success

It's really that simple